Scotland is renouned for it’s Glens and Straths of varing size, and they can be highly impressive with a big impact on the first time viewer.

Depending on where you visit the scenery can be wild with an extravagant grandure, and a blaze of contrasting colours from the rocks of the hillsides covered with heathers, mosses and other native plants.

Fodderty by contrast is situated within a fertile and well worked group of farms that has sustained the community for hundreds of years.


After the Battle of Culloden in 1745 when the highlands were occupied by the Red Coat army, surveys of the countryside were undertaken for strategic reasons. In the period between 1745 and 1762 a map of our area was drawn by the Military when they occupied the nearby Castle Leod, the seat of the McKenzie Clan.FoddTrim___named

The grounds and part of Rose Cottage are on that map ( just above the second D in Fodderty) as at that time the valley was all part of the McKenzie lands.